You Should Be Listening to Man Repeller’s New Podcast

One of the smartest, funniest voices in fashion, now in an audible format

You probably already know about Man Repeller, the insanely intelligent and witty fashion site that encourages people to really just “do them.” Leandra Medine, the CEO, and her small crew don’t take themselves too seriously, but they treat fashion like a heart attack. The site takes a feminist stance on everything, and thinks that you should dress to please yourself. Man Repeller wants you to feel “accomplished, enlightened, satisfied, nourished; even angry.” The blog’s newest way of getting into your brain? A podcast.

It’s called Oh Boy, and it was dropped last week. Jay Buim, the site’s resident filmmaker, hosts the show. In each episode he sits down with cool women in creative industries for funny, intimate, and candid one-on-one conversations about their lives and work.

For the inaugural episode, Buim interviewed Man Repeller’s own Leandra Medine, who talked about growing up in New York City, revealed a few of her neurosis, and gave us a rundown of the beginning stages of the “happiest accident” of her life: Man Repeller.

You should listen to Oh Boy for the same reasons that you should read Man Repeller: it’s funny, unfiltered, of-the-moment, insightful, wicked smart, and eccentricbut never snarky. It’s also less New York-centric than the site, which makes it feel more relevant here on the West Coast. Chances are you haven’t heard of most of the women who will be featured on the show, but if Man Repeller deems them to be important and cool, they probably are.

A new episode airs each Tuesday.