Why Anne Hathaway’s $175 Face Oil is Worth Every Penny

Get one step closer to having Anne’s flawless skin

If there’s one celeb who always looks flawless in unfiltered photographs, it’s Anne Hathaway. We’re well aware of the effects of airbrushing, but even when the paparazzi catches Hathaway on the street looking pared down and natural, she looks gorgeous, unapologetically real, and always enviable.

Despite being in her 30’s, Anne still has a fresh, peachy, young, crystal- clear complexion-even when she’s not wearing a swipe of makeup. After a bit of sleuthing around town, I’m proud to report that I’ve uncovered Anne’s secret from a well-informed skincare insider. It’s all about an under-the radar face oil and extravagant facials.

Olga Lorencin at Kinara Spa, a go-to facialist for celebrity clients (including Hathaway, Halle Berry and Annette Bening) integrates Uma Oils Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil into all of her high-end facials. Her celeb clients expect only the purest ingredients, and between constant stress, the effects of sun, and hot spotlights, their skin needs serious attention. Given the current hotter-than-average temperatures, you should know that late summer is the best time to transition into using rich moisturizers. Right now, your skin needs a moisture boost.

What makes this face oil the ideal candidate for the face oil novice? What makes it absolutely worth the splurge? I spoke with the brains behind the House of Uma, Shrankhla Holecek, who said that her family has been producing some of the world’s finest oils for centuries: “We’re among the few beauty brands in the world that farms, harvests, and formulates every single one of our ingredients entirely on our family estate, and in quality controlled labs in India,” she explained.

The family’s influence is still embedded in every last detail of every oil, which are so pure that even beauty powerhouse brands like Estee Lauder and Tom Ford get their essential oils from the House of Uma to use in their fragrance and skincare products.

Shrankhla used her 15 years of extensive training to launch her own niche brand of organic skin and body care products. She credits her newfound success to her heritage and education and says, “Each Uma product is produced using high-tech processing technology by experts in ethnobotany and Ayurvedic training. But, we never forget the importance of manual ability, craftsmanship, and the appeal of simplicity. Our oils can be used on just about any skin type.”

I find that most face oils sit on the face, but this one absorbs surprisingly quickly, so it’s an exceptional nighttime replacement for serum. Despite the subtle exotic scent from the frankincense, the fragrance was relatively inoffensive. Ideally, the oil is best used with cream on top, to help it absorb even more effectively. If Uma’s calling card is Anne’s un-freaking-believably healthy, dewy skin, I’m sold.

Ahem…you’re welcome.