Where to Shop L.A.’s Coolest Cases of Spiritual Jewelry

Three places to pick up stones with meaning

Halloween is six sunshine-soaked months away, but its mystic spirit is ever-present in L.A. We’ve cultivated a roundup of highly wearable jewelry from a few of the best New Age shops in Los Angeles:

House of Intuition

House of Intuition has two haunts on the East Side. One stands on the towering hill above Sunset that connects Silver Lake and Echo Park, and the other is neatly tucked into a storefront on York Street in Highland Park. The shops carry an array of rough-cut crystals that hold powers unique to each rock’s individual species. Scan over the handwritten labels to find a stone that caters to your needs and desires, or pick blindly and let the stone come to you. These guys can be made into pendants or carried in your wallet.



Spellbound Sky

Spellbound Sky is a pint-sized place that’s covered in a mess of ivy and located just behind Sunset Junction in Silver Lake. We love their bracelets made of tiny stone beads that possess their own symbolic meanings. They’re the refined versions of Power Bead bracelets.


spiralstaircaseTopanga Canyon has an undeniably magical quality to it. Spiral Staircase Bookstore, which sits next to the sprawling, light-filled Inn of the Seventh Ray in the Canyon in the perfect place to scoop up your next ritual adornment. Get lost in the cases of silver until you’ve found the piece that you were destined to take home from this heavily-incensed shop.