What’s Inside Clare Vivier’s Bag

The L.A. designer shows us everything she schleps around

Clare Vivier makes the kinds of accessories that women need and want. Her color choices are limited but on point, the designs are simple but classic, and the bags are strong-armed and easy to tote. The leather is buttery and the canvas is tough–just as it should be. Following last weekend’s sample sale, we asked the much-adored designer to spill the contents of her own bag for us, and then asked her a few questions.

Photograph courtesy Clare Vivier

Contents: Christopher Kane for NARS stick, Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, Moscot Sunglasses, MAC Lipstick, Trinket from Peru that’s become a keychain, tape measure, Clare V. Petit Black Kenya bag, Clare V. Jaguar Canvas Flat Clutch, Clare V. Mike’s Card Case, Clare V. Men’s Money Clip

What are your favorite spots in L.A.?
LACMA for their incredible exhibits and innovative outdoor installations. Olive & June for my favorite manicure-pedicure in the city. Elysian Park for hikes with my son and dog, Paco, on the weekends. Jon & Vinny’s for delicious pizza, pasta, and wine. Marvin for their nice, new take on French cuisine.

Does living in Los Angeles shape your sense of aesthetics and/or creative process?
Absolutely. I’m constantly inspired by the city’s creative community, which has grown stronger and stronger, as well as the climate, which enables us to live indoor/outdoor lives. The city’s rich architectural culture and beautiful outdoor spaces like the Silver Lake Reservoir are all things that continue to shape my creative process and how I design.

Do you keep any good luck totems with you?
My watch that I received as a gift from my dad on my 30th birthday–I never take it off.