What to Wear There: The Ace Hotel Downtown


I love exploring this city and I’m a total nerd about historical architecture. Brand new condo developments with no character make me feel like a sad clown, while older buildings that have been lovingly restored make me feel like Daft Punk at the Grammy’s!

Luckily, Sylvia, one of my Clotheshorse NYC photographers, is as much an urban design geek as I am. We spent last Friday exploring every nook and cranny of the new Ace Hotel in downtown L.A. We had such a good time in fact that I was unintentionally late to an audition and missed it!

But let’s talk about happier things than lost income. I wore a sequins skirt from Express (part of my New Year’s Eve look) paired with checkered Vans, a basic white JCrew T-shirt and a vintage leather jacket. I felt the crowd at the Ace Hotel would appreciate sequins before noon. Plus, I loved this skirt all dressed up and wanted to get another wear out of it. I’m so not into disposable fashion. I was happy with how it looked dressed down and another customer even complimented me and asked to “borrow some of my clothes for a shoot.” I think he thought I was a designer—I didn’t correct him.

If you go, don’t play it safe with your outfit. A visit to the Ace Hotel is the perfect excuse to take a fashion risk. Just don’t wear a flannel and ripped black jeans, unless you want to be mistaken for one the doormen. That’s their official uniform.

Amelia Champion is an L.A. based actress, writer, and improviser. Her fashion and lifestyle blog Clotheshorse NYC was named one of Lucky Magazine‘s “20 L.A. Style Blogs to Bookmark Now.” Follow her daily on Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #clotheshorsenysee if something sartorial catches your eye.