What to Wear There: Bäco Mercat


Date Night. It’s not just the movie starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell that you wanted to love, but didn’t. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a ritual that couples engage in, often on weekends, across the world. The French call it date nuit, the Germans say datum nacht, and it’s noche de la fecha in Spanish, but it all translates to: “Let’s go out, look nice, and remember why we like each other.” Or, if you’re feeling cynical, pretend to like each other and eat some good food that neither of us had to prepare.

On Saturday night, the Mister and I headed downtown to check out Bäco Mercat. I had been wanting to go forever, mostly because the signature dish is a bäco, or bread. It’s a nice establishment, but the other diners weren’t particularly dressed up, so if you go, don’t feel like you need to be fancy.

Sometimes, though, it’s fun to remind your husband why he married you (meaning not wearing the uniform of a 12-year-old boy), so I dressed up in the Charles dress from Reformation. It really shows off my big brain. Kidding—sort of. My big brain does love Reformation’s ethos—“an environmentally sustainable fashion brand that repurposes vintage and surplus materials to create chic, limited-edition collections”—and I love anything that pushes the envelope of sexy while still keeping things classy. But the dress also shows off other things (wink, wink), like my entire bare back and even a little bit of side boob. It’s long and the fabric is thin but not unsubstantial, a perfect combination for the black floral print. I bought it because it’s perfect for a night like this or a very-California wedding in Ojai next month. I also can’t stop thinking how killer it would look with a tan and flat sandals on my next beach vacay.

Amelia Champion is an L.A. based actress, writer, and improviser. Her fashion and lifestyle blog Clotheshorse NYC was named one of Lucky Magazine‘s “20 L.A. Style Blogs to Bookmark Now.” Follow her daily on Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #clotheshorsenysee if something sartorial catches your eye.