What to Wear for the Fourth of July: Flag-Inspired Picks that Aren’t Boring

Classic, thematic dressing needn’t be so cookie-cutter

The Fourth is a time to give in to the most picturesque of summertime pleasures: outdoor grilling, rolling around on dewy grass, watching fireworks, cutting into dual-berry coated cakes, and swimming in blue water.  The holiday is mind-numbingly easy to dress for, and dressing according to the obvious color palette has been done to death. Still, because the Fourth gets its richness from tradition, there’s no need to go completely against the cliché.

In lieu of wearing red, white, and blue, put on pieces that incorporate slightly more subtle indicators of the flag. Think patchwork, sequins and stars, and stripes. These flag-inspired picks will continue to be wearable long after the holiday is over. Happy Fourth!