What I Learned From My Interview With KCET “So Cal Connected” Host Madeleine Brand


Tonight, I’ll appear as a guest of anchor Val Zavala and host Madeleine Brand on the KCET show “So Cal Connected” talking about LA Mag’s November style feature (check it out here and here) showcasing local designers who manufacture in L.A. At the end of the segment we were asked to keep talking as the cameras rolled, even though our audio was turned off. I’ve seen this post-show silent chitchat everywhere from the Daily Show to Jeopardy! and I’ve always tried to read lips or body language to see if I could tell what they were still talking about.

This time, I can tell you what you won’t hear as you watch us blab: The Diana Vreeland impression I did for Brand (she’s a fan of the documentary The Eye Has To Travel); the awesome sample sale fundraiser Brand told me about to benefit her kid’s school featuring goods from local designers Trina Turk, Cynthia Vincent, and Tarina Tarantino. (it’s happening this Friday 1-5 pm  & Saturday 10 am-4 pm at Ivanhoe Elementary, 2828 Herkimer St. 90039), And where to get Brand’s badass cassette tape-shaped iPhone case, “$40 on the internet.” I found it here.

Watch tonight KCET (channel 28) at 7 pm & 10 pm. And be sure to check out our profile on Brand in the December issue of Los Angeles magazine on newsstands this Thursday 11/29.