What Happens When Fashion Bloggers Get Old?


Refinery 29 bloggers outed 8 elephant-in-the-room topics the fashion industry generally prefers to avoid discussing. In the post, they ask a number of questions I often find myself asking and attempting to answer. Like, do fashion shows need to exist? How sustainable is sustainable fashion? And, just what will happen to fashion bloggers when they get old?

I’m fascinated by the rise of the “Look At How Pretty I Am” blogs. It’s kind of crazy how many hits, followers, and likes these bloggers get simply by posting a daily picture of themselves. Granted, as the Refinery 29 post points out, these bloggers are young and gorgeous—and currently making a mint in endorsements and collaboration collections (not to mention the gobs of goods they get shipped to them, gratis).  So what will happen as they age?  “When your skill set requires looking good in pictures, it can be a lot more complicated,” the bloggers wrote.  Will anyone want to see a 40 year old fish-facing it for the camera? Or will we have “a whole generation of consultants”?

Comments on the post added other fashion industry transgressions like racism and the use of underage models. Why aren’t big topics given more of a forum in fashion industry coverage? Maybe everybody’s too busy checking out what all the pretty girls are wearing?


(Read the full Refinery 29 list of fashion taboos here)