The Walking Dead Have Invaded Our Closet

These trends can be traced back to the popular AMC series

The Walking Dead seems an unlikely source of inspiration for fashion. In the AMC series, the world is mostly populated with rotting corpses dressed in tattered bloody rags while the sweaty, filthy rest of humanity is just trying to survive—so naturally, function trumps style. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been influenced by the show’s sense of style; we noticed a striking synergy between the show and a few of the biggest trends this season. Take a look:


Maggie’s Blanket
When I saw models cruising down fall/winter runways wrapped in blanket shawls, I immediately thought of Maggie in her Pendelton wool blanket last season. Hers may have been a little worse for wear, but the look is cool and effortless. Let’s call it Terminus chic.



Rick’s Shearling Jacket
Shearling coats are huge this winter for both men and women. But every time I see one I think of the fuzzy-collared, tattered version Rick has worn for the past few seasons. Then again, photos of Rick brandishing a gun while wearing that coat were plastered on billboards all over town last year. That image must have seeped into our collective consciousness.


Beth Walking Dead

Beth’s Ripped Knee Jeans
Actress Sienna Miller, singer Rita Ora, model Poppy DeLevingne—who hasn’t been spotted sporting jeans with slashes in the knees? When something catches on in such a big way I always wonder what’s the source of the zeitgeist. Could it have been Beth? She has been rocking ventilated skinnies.


Glenn, The Walking Dead

Glenn’s Backpack
Backpacks are the It bag of the season, with the likes of Chanel, Bottega Venetta, and Cole Haan introducing versions this fall. Other than hiking or camping, I haven’t worn a backpack since college. Why’s it back? I don’t know for sure, but Glenn has been toting one around since the pilot.


Carl’s Hat
Carl has been wearing Rick’s sheriff’s hat for so long we’ve watched him grow into it. I see a resemblance between Pharrell’s now famous Vivienne Westwood topper and the one Carl dons every episode. It’s a little Smokey the Bear and a little Carl Grimes.