VIDEO: Lana Del Rey Shills for H&M


The official H&M fall campaign video featuring Lana del Rey went live yesterday on H&M’s website. In the vid, an Adele-ified Del Rey wears key pieces from the latest H&M collection. To celebrate the launch, the chanteuse performed live in NY. It’s the shakiness of her live performances that has brought the singer so much attention. A Lana Del Rey show was like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates— you never know what you gonna get. So, how did it go?

Here’s what Rolling Stone had to say about the show on their website:

As anticipated, it was “Blue Velvet,” the craftily chosen H&M campaign song that dates back to Bobby Vinton’s 1963 classic but, in accord with Del Rey’s purported David Lynch obsession, is forever linked to his 1986 film of the same name. Thanks to Del Rey, the context of a nearly 50-year-old song has once again been subverted. That may infuriate those who are already predisposed to dislike her, but it will only confirm what her admirers already suspect: she’s a little more special than the rest.  [Check out the entire review here]

 Check out the H&M video below: