Update Your Beauty Arsenal for Summer

Don’t let the intensity of this season’s palette scare you. The latest launches are saturated with pigment but go on sheer for a natural finish

tograph by EISENERG + BONEM

Christian Dior
(1) Leave it to the legendary French fashion house to present a beauty collection bright enough to turn heads yet still be elegant. Lipsticks come in an electrifying spectrum of orange, fuchsia, and poppy (Hollywood, $35).

(2) Gel-effect varnishes—from pale seashell pink to look-at-me coral (Pink, $27)—make nails shine like liquid candy.

Make Up For Ever
Summer beauty products should outlast the beach and the pool. The Aqua Matic eye shadow pencils (one of the brand’s best-sellers) are waterproof, smudgeproof, and have a built-in sharpener. This season new colors: (3) icy blue (D-21, $21) (4) frosty green (ME-32, $21) and (5) shimmery peach (D-70, $21)—join the array.

For the past few years designer Christopher Kane, known for his neon-splashed aesthetic, has collaborated with cosmetics visionary François Nars to create space-age looks. The pair just released a line of blushes, lip glosses, (6 & 7) eye shadow duos (Parallel Universe, $35), and (8) highlighter sticks (Quantum, $39).

Too Faced
Inspired by the ’90s foiled-lip trend, the Irvine-based company developed Melted Metal, a spin-off of its popular lip creams. Of the eight thick and vibrant tints, we’re partial to a (9) hot pink shade (Dream House, $21) reminiscent of Barbie’s Malibu House and a (10) purple straight out of Blade Runner (Violet, $21).