Trust Us: You Can Pull Off Blue, Green, and Black Lipsticks


We have an unexpected, spooky addition for your fall makeup shopping list: lipsticks in blueberry, forest green, and black shades. Why? Because wearing shades of pink and red can be boring. Blue, green, and black lips are so weird—so counter-intuitive—that they work. Bold colors can accentuate the shape of your lips, and it’s surprisingly easy to get the look right—without even having to down a slushy.

Blue raspberries may not occur in nature, but the color looks great on lips. The pigment even makes teeth look whiter. Skip over anything too light, like baby blue, in favor of a royal blue, navy, or Yves Klein blue.

Green is evocative of reptiles, aliens, and monsters, but on lips, the color can be quite pretty, and it’s especially flattering with darker skin tones. Rihanna nailed the look when she was recently spotted in L.A. pairing metallic emerald lips with a black lace dress and piles of goth-y silver jewelry.

Black lipstick is the least playful lip color of the three but it’s an easy, elegant one to wear. Afraid of the dark? Go for a blackish crimson lipstick. It’s feminine and somewhat traditional but still daring.

A few words to the wise: It’s best to save experimental lip colors for nighttime occasions (and outfits). The darker the shade, the better. And make sure to keep the rest of your face make-up free to avoid to looking too severe.