Trust Us: Layer for Fall in Fitted Tees and Tanks


In Clueless, Cher wears fitted T-shirts under spaghetti-strapped slip dresses or tank tops while doing things like “exercising” (slouching against a metal fence while chewing cinnamon gum in P.E.) and hanging out at home (watching The Ren & Stimpy Show, falling in love with her stepbrother, and eating Cheetos from a mansion-sized bowl).

This season, in real life, designers translated the layered look into something that can be worn just about anywhere—and it works. A T-shirt worn under a floor length, silk slip dress tones down the formality of the dress without compromising its seductiveness. A tee and tank combo worn with trousers or a knee-length skirt is a cool, more interesting alternative to wearing either of the tops alone.

The T-shirt should be fitted so that it doesn’t bunch up beneath the tank, but otherwise anything goes: vintage tees work well, and the combination of unembellished black and white is one that we never tire of.

Ahead, a few tops that were born to be layered.