Trend Alert: Busting Out

Stylish statuettes are doubling as creative storage solutions

I keep running across lovely home-decor vignettes that have one thing in common: busts. A well-placed statue fits right in with the found-art, bohemian sensibility of today’s decorating predilections, so now I’m a bit hooked on the idea that I must, must, must increase my busts. I’m especially loving their functionality, doing double duty as both a piece of art and a creative storage solution for your accessories.

Friend and fellow design blogger Jenny Komenda first brought this trend to my attention with her recent feature for Domino magazine. You’ll notice the understated, classical bust is wearing a bit of bling. Her idea to have the demure statue “disappear” into the backdrop of the vanity is brilliant, and you can do the same by painting a classic Diana statuette the same color as the walls or surrounding area. It took me a minute to source an inexpensive solution, and of all places, I found it on SkyMall.

Working with a more masculine space? Check out the phrenology chart bust. Dig into a dude’s mad-professor tchotchkes for some accompanying accouterment—affix a bow tie, or take a page from artist John Y. Wind (scroll through) and pile on your entire sunglasses collection. Pick up your own right here.

Speaking of stacking, a tall and narrow bust makes a fantastic hat rack as well. This particular bust recalls the ’20s, but any vintage, carved wooden piece like this one will add fantastic texture and help your hats maintain their shape when it’s not derby season.

Now more than ever, with flash-sale sites like One Kings Lane and curated thrift retailers like Chairish, it shouldn’t be too tough to get your hands on the bust that suits your space, and if you need more inspiration, check out the bust love on my Pinterest board. Happy hunting. 

Betsy Moyer is a North Carolinian living in Los Angeles. Part bohemian and part fish out of water, she’s interested in what makes Angelenos unique and shares her lifestyle and fashion musings here on the Clutch. She also sings in a band, dabbles in thrifting and home décor, and blogs about all of it. Follow her daily on Instagram, Twitter, or at her interior design blog, The Estate of Things.