Three Reasons L.A. Frock Stars is Worth a Watch


There certainly isn’t a shortage of fashion reality shows, but L.A. Frock Stars may be worth a watch if you have a taste for vintage. Doris Raymond, owner and founder of L.A.’s vintage treasure trove, The Way We Wore, stars on the reality show documenting her work as a curator of clothing from eras past. Here are three reasons we’re looking forward to the premier.

1. It’s a lesson in fashion history
With every designer namedrop, a pop-up on the screen shares the designer’s historical relevance with a bit of fashion trivia. Doris knows her stuff, and after watching a few episodes, you might learn a little bit about the different decades of fashion yourself. At the least, watching would definitely be good homework before your own vintage hunting trip.

2. It’s a look into the business of vintage
We have shows documenting the business of fashion design and styling, but L.A. Frock Star is an interesting look at where designers and stylists come for inspiration and how Raymond collects and curates those pieces, whose origins span across the 20th century. Whether she’s digging through the closets of well-dressed women’s estates or bringing costumers through her “designer inspiration room,” Raymond certainly makes the varied vintage business look appealing.

3. It’s catty-free fashion
In a reality TV world abound with HBICs (Patti Stanger, Abby Lee Miller, Kelly Cutrone), Raymond is a breath of fresh air. Listening to her talk about how she got into vintage (an inexpensive way for her to stay fashionable in high school), work with clients and praise her staff is endearing and a nice reminder that the fashion industry isn’t all claws. She’s like the cool aunt with a raid-worthy closet I never had. 

L.A. Frock Stars premieres on the Smithsonian Channel on Thursday, March 7 at 8 p.m.