This Valentine’s Day Give Him Some Credit


We fell in love with these McGuyver-like credit card-sized gadgets and thought they’d make the perfect Valentine’s day gift for the man in your life.

Our idea: Buy him a new wallet (he probably could use one anyway) and fill it with a few of these super slim tools. He’ll have a bottle opener, an emergency razor and replacement cufflinks at his fingertips.  Or if he’s the outdoorsy type, add a credit card- sized survival kit and a compact Swiss Army knife* to his billfold. If he plays guitar, no doubt you’ve heard him endlessly search for lost picks, now he’ll have a few next to his Visa.

 Pick up a few for yourself too, like the lock pick tool, we’re not sure they work or if they’re even legal, but a lady should always be prepared too.


* Victorinox Swiss Army Knife also available at Victorniox Swiss Army at the Beverly Center, 310-659-0200