The Walking Dead’s Glenn and Maggie: Reunited And It Looks So Good


If you watched last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, you know Beth had her first taste of booze and Daryl’s character finally arched, but more importantly—Glenn is still no closer to finding Maggie! The sneak peek clip of next week’s show didn’t look too promising for the young couple, but teasers are often intentionally misleading.

I’ve been a huge fan of the show, and Glenn specifically, ever since he first saved Rick from the tank in Atlanta, and I’ve been rooting for him and Maggie through it all: the Governor’s torture, flu epidemic, etc. And so, I pitched Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan (who play the zombie-plagued lovers) to my editor as potential stars of our spring fashion feature. I held up their AMC promo character photos, exclaiming: “Glenn and Maggie!” The photos were dark; the actors were in character so they were dirty and sweaty. “Seems a bit dark for spring, no?” she asked hesitantly. I assured her this would be the anti-Walking Dead shoot. This would be Glenn and Maggie as they saw themselves in their dreams— pretty images of a life that never was, but might yet be.

Since flower patterns are a big trend for spring I chose gowns embellished with petals for Lauren and floral button-downs for Steven as well as an overall Easter egg  palette (symbolizing rebirth and renewal) with silhouettes that were vaguely ’50s (a decade of innocence). The actors couldn’t have been more down-to-earth and easy to work with. Click through the slideshow above for outtakes and sound bites from the shoot. We’ll have to wait to see what fate awaits Glenn and Maggie, but they will always have an Affair to Remember….