The Style Social: Desanka Fasiska

We visit the ceramicist/ interior designer at her retro Hollywood Hills cabin and talk vacations (”Amsterdam is more than hookers and weed!”) and the joys of H&M

Ceramicist/interior designer Desanka Fasiska’s seriously coveted “Lux Lodge” is reminiscent of a ’60s era Laurel Canyon A-frame cabin with its macramé plant hangers and vintage rattan egg chairs. The dreamy abode features an open floor plan with a sunlit clawfoot bathtub surrounded by blue Moroccan tile, conveniently located steps away from a plush ivory king bed. It’s no wonder so many photographers such as Olivia Malone and designers like Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall of For Love and Lemons have used her home as a backdrop for photoshoots. But as popular as her home may be, Fasiska is also known for her incredible sense of personal style and her artistic spirit. Often times during our photoshoot, I would point to a table or a painting and unabashedly ask her where she got such unique items. “Oh, I made that,” she would say casually in her glorious burnt-orange kaftan, and I would try my best to act equally as nonchalant, as if I made my own ceramic coffee table too, once. The L.A. native gave us the grand tour of her home—including her enviable closet—and discussed everything from vacationing in Amsterdam (it’s more than hookers and weed!) to her love of H&M.

What is a typical day like at the Lodge?
Well, I get up and I make coffee or tea and I hangout in my yard with my dog Hyphy and tend to my garden. I have learned that apparently you have to really be on top of those things! Then I try to go down to my ceramics studio in my garage and get some ceramic work done if it’s not a crazy busy day. Then I’ll check all of my emails and go to whatever meetings I may have or errands that need to get done. In the evening I try to do a bike ride to stay active. Lately I have been riding from Culver City to Playa Del Rey. I try to take Fridays off from work and be creative all day. That’s when I really get some of my ceramics done or I’ll do a blog post that is outside of the house.

What inspires you every time without fail?
The beach. When I really need to have a cleansing of the soul, I go there. But traveling is also very inspiring for me. Whenever I go outside of my comfort zone, I’m inspired, even if it is just an hour away.

What city or country has inspired you?
I would have to say Greece was my favorite vacation ever. It is the perfect mix of relaxation and inspiration and they have the best food and really hot people!  Also Amsterdam—I feel like no one ever talks about how beautiful it is, they only talk about the hookers and the weed but many people don’t realize how magical it is, especially in the summer. I would also have to say Thailand is just an amazing place. I went from Bangkok to the mountains where we rode elephants and there are some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see.

How about in California?
In California, I really love Ojai and Ventura State Beach. I love going to The Jolly Oyster, it’s a food truck on the beach where you can picnic. I also love Castaic Lake, Mount Baldy, Homboldt, and the Sierra Foothills.

Who are your fashion icons?
Biba, Patty Smith, and Jane Birkin— kind of random, I know!

What inspired you to switch from working in the fashion industry to interior design?
Well, to be perfectly honest, working in fashion sucks. I still work in fashion as a consultant, that way I don’t have to deal with the utter torture of that industry. But I am such a homebody and I really love making a home. I want to be creative all of the time. I would say that buying this house is what inspired me, because it was around then that I realized I was really into interiors. But that shift was definitely a process.

What do you love most about style in L.A.?
What I love most is that there is this “I don’t give a f*** what you think” element to our style here in L.A. It is so much more carefree. In New York, I feel like people are very experimental, but there is a lot of effort involved. In L.A., there is an effortlessness that is not so contrived; it’s more natural and comfortable.

Where are your favorite places to shop in Los Angeles?
I shop mostly vintage but I love me some H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters! For vintage, I love Jet Rag—I feel like they are one of the few stores nowadays that truly still truly carry vintage. I also love to go to flea markets for furniture and knick-knacks.

What do you think a person’s home says about them?
Some people say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but I have always believes that their home is the window to the soul. When you go to someone’s home, you know if they love themself, if they care for themselves, if they care for others. You can tell if they are warm or if they are just an a-hole. I feel like you can read if someone has certain issues just by walking into their home. If you want to know whether or not if you want to date someone, just go to his or her home first!

Earlier you shared with me that you were launching your own line of kimonos, where and when could we buy them?
Soon! I am launching at Coeur tradeshow, where I am also curating a LUX / EROS cash and carry “shop” where I will be launching my product as well as curating product from the artisans I work with. I will also be selling them on my site!

 What is something that you learned in 2014?
I learned to realize what I really want. Life is such a journey and I have been in really in depth self discovery path. Last year was the culmination of everything that I have been putting together since a huge turning point in my life in 2008. I’m sure in 2015 there are going to be even greater things, with my art, with my blog, and with my creative endeavors. I am applying all that I have learned and turning it into action.