The Skate Life: Why I Love My Camo Vans


When I moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles a few years back I saw it as more than a change in coasts—it was the chance to live out all my California surfer/skater girl fantasies. I like being authentic. I never want to be the girl who wears something (skate shoes and neoprene included) because it’s fashionable. The move seemed like a great time to put my Sector 9 Skateboard and subscription to Foam Magazine to good use, and I promptly added a Cynthia Rowley x Roxy wetsuit to my closet when I got here.

I was doing really super with my surf lessons this summer until one chilly Friday when there were too many fearless children in the water; not looking where they were going, flinging their boards this way and that. The waves were big, the water was freezing and I was wearing the aforementioned short (read: very short) wetsuit, even though the instructor urged against it as a practicality. Apparently, the last thing you need when trying to stand up on a surfboard is to be completely freezing. After getting tossed by a few waves I ended up sitting on the beach with my teeth chattering. I haven’t gotten extreme since. While I’m being honest, I also haven’t hopped on my skateboard lately, which seems destined to lonely life at the back of our hall closet.

However, I did pick up these new camo kicks at the Vans store in Santa Monica last weekend, and I’m loving them paired with mini skirts and skinny jeans. I sure wish I’d been a Dogtown Z Boy, but I’m suddenly happy to settle for the shoes of one.


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