Pick a Single, Signature Flower This Summer

Scents and accessories that put one bud forward feel extra fresh

Mid-summer is the perfect time to don one of the most timeless signifiers of the season: the flower. Floral perfumes abound, but the layered notes in complicated scents can feel heavy with the heat of the summer sun. Fortunately, there are crops of beautiful, paired-down perfumes to wear instead. These scents are as clean and light as essential oils, but they’re slightly more intricate.

Le Labo’s Jasmin 17 spotlights jasmine, pairing the honeyed scent with notes of vanilla and sandalwood. It’s evocative of summer rain. A hint of lychee gives Diptyque’s Eau Rose brightness. It’s a great daytime scent, and it’s casual enough to wear on a hike. Bitter Rose, Broken Spear by D.S. & Durga features bitter rose blended with notes of larchwood, thistle, and amber. The masculine scent is heaver and more full bodied than most single-flower perfumes, but its namesake flower stays front and center.

We’ve gathered a few more standout options, including single-flower accessories, for you to spend the rest of the season in, pollen-free.