The Sartorial Spill: Modern Family Costume Designer Alix Friedberg

In our second in a series of Q&As with shopping experts, Friedberg reveals her sources

Photograph by Christina Gandolfo

Which children’s items are worth splurging on?
I’d say shoes and a warm coat because you can always go a little big on a coat and you don’t want something that’s cheap. And they’ll grow out of shoes less quickly.

Favorite shoe store?
I shop at Sportie L.A. for my kids and for the show. They have a great selection of old-school Adidas and retro Nikes.

What’s your go-to shop for boys’ clothing?
Lost & Found in Hollywood is wonderful. It has a bit of an edge for the casual, hip kid. None of the merchandise feels “Disney.”

How about for girls?
There’s a shop in Brentwood Gardens called Wonderland. The buyer for that store really cares and tries to carry stuff other people don’t.