The Sartorial Spill: Image Consultant/Personal Shopper Tasha Le Mel

In our fourth in a series of Q&As with shopping experts, Le Mel reveals her sources

Photograph by Christina Gandolfo

What are your top tips?
Try to keep a mental inventory of your wardrobe so you don’t purchase the same type of item over and over. When trying on clothing, be honest. Just because everyone is wearing that style doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

A lot of places are cracking down on returns. How do you handle that?
I frequently have to purchase multiple sizes on clients’ behalf. Most boutiques only allow exchanges or store credit, so regrettably I’m generally unable to shop at them. It’s a shame because I really want to support small businesses.

Which are your tried-and-true boutiques?
Tenoversix on Melrose, Minnie T’s on Washington in Culver City, and Sumiko on Main Street in Santa Monica. They all have unique merchandise.