The Party’s Over. Your Holiday Outfit Isn’t.


One of my favorite traditions growing up was picking out an outfit for Christmas. In my mind, the Single-Occasion Outfit Purchase was the very epitome of decadence, and it formed a habit that would lead me, as an adult, to spend a week’s worth of my theater acting wages on opening night dresses—even when I knew my co-stars would be showing up in very nice sweater and skirt combos. Ah, the things that make us who we are and drain our bank accounts in the process!

When I ran into one former co-star at a theater gala in New York several years after we worked together, she commented that she “knew that dress.” Damn right, I thought. I might be crazy enough to spend $500 when making only $800 per week, but I’m not crazy enough to never wear the purchase again in a different zip code. FYI, “that dress” was a fantastic black lace sleeveless number by Nanette Lepore with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. It’s a total classic and I still love it. I knew it was a winner when I tried it on for my romantic interest in the show, and he seemed to fall in love with me for real. (People say women care more about clothing than men, but I disagree—and I digress.)

When I saw this tartan miniskirt at Madewell on Christmas Eve, I knew I had to buy it and the striped peter pan blouse to go with it. I’d been a very good girl so far and not bought myself a thing while holiday shopping. It turned out to be a good investment; I liked the combo so much I wore it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; the perks of being around family are that no one cares if you wear your favorite new outfit two days in a row—and in the same zip code. And it’s not going to the back of the closet any time soon: the blue and green plaid was festive enough for a special evening but is also just classic enough to wear all winter long.

Amelia Champion is an L.A. based actress, writer, and improviser. Her fashion and lifestyle blog Clotheshorse NYC was named one of Lucky Magazine‘s “20 L.A. Style Blogs to Bookmark Now.” Follow her daily on Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #clotheshorsenysee if something sartorial catches your eye.