Character Study: Mean Girls Wear Pink

<em>Scream Queens</em>’s Emma Roberts and Co. are the most stylish schemers on TV this fall. Here’s how to steal their look

The scheming terrors in Scream Queens may well have adapted their style from the brat pack in Mean Girls or Blair Waldorf and her devotees in Gossip Girl. In all three, the girl gang must always look flawless as a single unit. Their outfits have to compliment each other (or else). They’ll wear, for example, varying shades of purple or the same prim mini dress in five different Easter egg tones.

The more despicable the girls are, the more they dress like different kinds of candy. The frienemies in Scream Queens mask their madness behind demure, ultra-feminine clothing: teatime gloves, strings of pearls, pastel leather pieces, and skirt suits. They manage to look at ease when they’re swathed in ostrich feathers and fur. Their hair is tended to with a curling iron and shine-enhancing spray, and their makeup, like their clothing, is heavy on the pink.

If you wish channel these characters—their looks, if not their attitudes—grab a glass of sparkling rosé off of a silver tray, and shop our picks.