The Find: Heidi Merrick’s Horse Print Blouse

Why we’re making an exception to our rule against animal-inspired styles

Even in fashion, it’s a dangerous game associating with an adorable animal. We all know a poor soul who had a thing for frogs in eighth grade and went on to receive frog tchotchkes until they got their masters. I for one had a thing with porcelain dolls growing up. I’m not sure when I stopped “collecting” them but it was probably around the time I started spending time alone in my room with a boy. (There’s nothing quite like the cold, prying eyes of a porcelain doll to make you feel like you’re doing something very, very wrong.)

As the writer of Clotheshorse NYC I’m hesitant to attach myself with horses (or any other four-legged muse), but this Equestrian top from local designer Heidi Merrick was too cute to pass up.

Heidi is the daughter of legendary surfboard shaper Al Merrick and there’s something quintessentially Californian about her designs, which although made from silk, wool, and her eponymous vegan leather, drape in a way that never constricts the body. This horse print top is no exception, and it’s the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. I can pair it with matching bottoms for a statement look or mix it up with denim for Sunday brunch or a pencil skirt for Monday meetings. Just please don’t send me a horse pot-holder come Christmas. 

Amelia Champion is an L.A. based actress, writer, and improviser. Her fashion and lifestyle blog Clotheshorse NYC was named one of Lucky Magazine‘s “20 L.A. Style Blogs to Bookmark Now.” Follow her daily on Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #clotheshorsenysee if something sartorial catches your eye.