The Final Four: Statement Earrings

There could only be one “Best of L.A.” winner, but these stunning contenders caught our attention

In the August issue of Los Angeles magazine, we list 86 of our favorite things, from stargazing spots to cured meats. It’s never easy to whittle down the city’s incredible offerings to the #1 resources that make our annual “Best of” lists—this spring more than two dozen reporters canvased the city in search of the very finest available—and some contests were especially heated. Like Statement Earrings.

Here are four of the businesses we considered, plus what makes them so great. So, which one is top? Cast your vote in the comments section below, then pick up a copy of the issue on newsstands now to see which business we crowned the Best of L.A.

Melody Ehsani
M.E.’s strength: creating playful designs (like dominos, ice cream cones, parrots, watermelons, and elephant tusks) for women who are serious about style.

Dream Collective
Though Kathyrn Bentley’s timeless earrings are handmade in the U.S., her Mayan- and Native American-inspired pieces feel as though they have been collected from around the world.

The collection found here—think cutting-edge designers like Daniela Villegas, who uses natural materials including butterfly wings and wooden branches in her pieces—is bound to spark your inner attention lover.  

Suzanne Felsen
Thanks to her love of oversized gemstones set in diamonds, Felsen’s earrings remind us of the plastic jewelry we dressed up in as children—but real. If this were a contest for Statement Earings Most Likely To Be Worn By A Princess, she’d win hands down.