The Best $10 Father’s Day Gift—Ever!


As kids we’d cajole our dad into reading us bedtime stories, as we got older we realized the best stories he’d tell were the ones about his life. Some of his stories have stuck and some I wish I could remember. When I was shopping on 3rd Street last Saturday I popped into William B (and no, not for the free mimosas, I promise!). They had the cutest little books (along with flasks and other inexpensive tokens) dedicated to Dad on display. One book caught my eye. It was small and simple, but perfect. Each page has a question at the top (like: “How do you want to be remembered by future generations?” and “Who were your best friends from childhood and what were they like?”), followed by a couple of lined pages where pops can write in his answer. The book (titled My Dad: His Story. His Words) is cloth covered and hand silk-screened but the real treasure will be what he puts inside. I know my dad will love taking trips down memory lane as he recounts childhood tales and scribing his adult thoughts and opinions that make him the (amazing) man he is today… And I’ll get a bedtime story from him whenever I want—and maybe one day, my kids too.

 8207A West 3rd St, Los Angeles,