Ten Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets to Never Take Off

The back-from-camp look, improved

Mid-August once meant returning home from summer camp with a pronounced racerback tan line and a mess of tangled hair peppered with tiny braids and hair wraps. The look was completed by wrists bedecked in bracelets—untidy wraps of homemade, colorful strings and beaded, braided cords that commemorated new (and solidified) best friendships. Fast forward a bit to today, and best friends are still one of the most cherished things in life.

It’s important to wear mementos of the people you love the most. Chances are, though, you’ve become a bit more discerning in your BFF selection process, and to reflect that, your friendship bracelet collection should also be more refined.

Friendship bracelets need no longer be ratty and garish—why not honor your bonds with gold, diamonds, and sapphires? A token of friendship can be anything from a tattoo to a gold ring, but we especially love bracelets that are reminiscent of the originals.

We’ve picked ten standout bracelets worth shopping for. Buy two of each—one for you and one for your treasured friend—and wear your friendship on your sleeve.