Sweep The Leg


What wouldn’t you spend to own the original Cobra Kai gi worn by the antagonist Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid?  No, seriously, what would you spend? Would you shell out $100,000? We stumbled across this listing on 80stees.com. The costume comes with a framed certificate of authenticity. But you might have trouble getting 80sTees.com founder Kevin Stecko to part with it. The post also includes this disclaimer:

“Kevin Stecko, the founder of 80sTees.com bought the gi because he always wanted to wear an authentic Cobra Kai gi for Halloween.

As you may be guessing by the price our goal is not really to sell the gi as much as it is to put it out there for the world to appreciate. The Karate Kid is Kevin’s favorite movie of all time and he wanted other fans to be able to see this amazing piece of 80s movie history.”

We suggest you show no mercy when bartering.