Sunday Riley’s New Face Oil is Pretty Slick

This is not your average retinol treatment

Before you Tweet an emphatic #LeSigh at me for trying out yet another oil, give me a moment to explain why you should bother with Sunday Riley’s oft-Pinned new launch.

Pretty retro packaging aside, it’s a first-of-its-kind retinol treatment. While most retinol serums boast the most powerful anti-aging regenerative effects that any over-the-counter product can offer, they are meant to be used at night because they can irritate skin and cause dryness. Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105) is a face oil with retinol intended for daily use.

The Avatar-blue tinged oil is as vivid in real life as it looks in the picture above, and gets its color from an azulene complex comprising Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, and Cape Chamomile essences. When added to retinol, these skin-calming essential oils become supportive of the body’s natural response to irritation and encourages cell reproduction, so treated skin looks plumper and brighter.

The thin treatment has a dry oil kind of feel to it. It’s definitely silky—and before you ask, no, it doesn’t turn skin blue. After about two weeks of nightly use my slightly oily skin was noticeably softer and more balanced during the day; my overall tone improved drastically. One tip for users? Be generous with your slather—your skin will love you for it. There is a strong herbal kick to the oil when you first apply a few drops, but it sweetens up a bit within minutes. Oh, and keep the bottle tucked away rather than on your vanity table. Retinols break down quickly when exposed to the sun and air.