Style Scare: We’re Afraid This Adult Onesie Is Not a Halloween Costume

We just hope it’s not the next Snuggie, either

I’ve been shopping for onesies a lot lately, and I would be lying if I said aden + anais’s easy swaddle numbers haven’t made me think twice about how comfy they might be to wear—for a baby. I’m expecting my first child this winter, and the simple act of shopping, once a favorite pastime, has become a foreign experience. Solids seem suddenly daring, sizing a never-ending conundrum. Which is why it took me a few seconds—not just a half of one—to react in horror to an email heralding Zooop iT Up’s line of adult onesies, combi-shorts and dresses.

Pitched as the perfect clothing option “for people who know the world is their playpen,” there are apparently 42 styles of Zooop iT Up products available in a variety of patterns and colors. Zooop’s founder-designer, Fabien, is hoping you’ll select one to wear while going from “downward dog into the urban jungle.”

But, please don’t. 

Look, I’m all for comfortable dressing; I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl through and through. Hell, I’ve been known to don a Snuggie—at home. But “I’d rather be comfortable than dress within a few decades of my age” isn’t a fashion statement, it’s a fashion excuse. And who needs an excuse when boyfriend jeans, oversized cashmere sweaters, pajama-inspired blouses and so many more relaxed-yet-stylish options abound? Looking effortlessly chic has always been in vogue. Putting no actual effort into our look? Let’s grow up.