So, What Does Adam Levine Smell Like?


 Adam Levine is annoyingly smarmy with his tight showy t-shirts, conceited smirk, tight abs, product-laden mop, and general air of condescension. And it’s with these attributes in mind that I was fully expecting his fragrances to be obnoxious,  make me so nauseous that I would be forced to rinse my nasal pasages with bleach to rid the scent. BUT…surprise, surprise—his fragrance for men was really subtle, sexy, and elegant even. I polled co-workers and each had the same response, incredulity. Three out of four compared it to Davidoff Cool Water. I have to admit that even the packaging is sorta nice, obvious, but chic.  However, I wouldn’t want to smell like his ladies. The woman’s fragrance, which was pleasant at first spritz, faded into a clingy, and cloyingly sweet scent, that reminds you of a spoiled and overly needy girlfriend. And for those of you who remember Levine’s tweets disparaging celeb fragrances, Entertainment Weekly posted a video in which the singer explains his change of heart.