Skincare Secrets from Cindy Crawford’s Facialist

Guru Susan Ciminelli shares her tricks for attaining glowing, clear skin

Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Eva Longoria, Tina Fey, Dustin Hoffman, and Salma Hayek all share one facialist. Her name is Susan Ciminelli, and she’s Hollywood’s holistic health guru. We asked her to share a few DIY, natural tricks for detoxifying skin and body as we transition into fall.

Consider double cleansing your skin occasionally. Because sunscreens and makeup are far more complicated than ever before, using a face wash alone won’t banish all of the pore-clogging ingredients. Even a cleansing oil may not be enough to clear out blemish-causing bacteria. If you’re noticing blackheads or minor breakouts more often, a double cleanse will improve both the health and clarity of your skin. It’ll even enhance the effects of anti-aging serums and help with lymphatic drainage. Just be sure not to rub your face while washing—soft circular motions do the trick.”

Decongest skin regularly. Humidity and the weather in L.A. can trigger breakouts. A seawater spray behaves like a toner but also acts as an antiseptic, keeping skin clear.”

Detox further with a weekly mask. A mud mask will pull impurities out of the skin, so make sure that your face is squeaky clean before applying. A Sea Clay Mask will calm redness and inflammation and can even be used for targeted blemish treatment. Apply before bed and wake up to soothed, clearer skin.”

Add a quick DIY reflexology session. Reflexology can cure recurring skin disorders like acne and dermatitis. It also stimulates internal organs that affect the skin—think the colon, liver and digestive organs. Try placing a tennis ball between the area to be treated—start with your hands and feet—and a hard surface such as the floor, wall, office chair, or car seat. Press and roll the area against the ball to relieve tightness, tension, and pain. For added pressure, use a firmer ball, like a golf ball.”

Drink an apple cider vinegar tonic. When the colon is blocked, your body isn’t getting rid of waste—and this leads to a buildup of toxins. When the waste can’t be released through the colon, toxins are released through the skin. Skip the gimmicky weekend cleanse. Instead, dilute a couple of tablespoons of ACV with hot water and a bit of honey for taste. The concoction fights bacteria from the inside, which leads to clearer skin.”

Eat more seeds. Seeds like Sesame and Chia are loaded with Omega-3 fats and minerals that help reverse the damage from indulgent foodand alcohol-laced nights. They restore inner radiance and elasticity. They’re amazing for your skin and can easily be added to just about any meal, smoothie, or juice.”