Skin Commandments from Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist

Keep your skin dewy as the weather changes

Just as seasonal shifts to the cooler months call for warmer clothing, fall weather mandates a revised skincare regime.

You need to prevent your skin from drying out, especially in L.A., where we’re always moving in between the extreme environment changes of our homes, offices, gyms, the outdoors, and our cars. You may already know to switch out your lotion for a cream based moisturizer, but that’s not the only product that needs to be swapped out. 

While you might be savvy enough to switch out your lotion for a cream based moisturizer, you might not realize some of your basic rituals also need to be swapped out. I spoke with skincare expert Mila Moursi (founder of Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute & Day Spa) who has been widely credited as maintaining Jennifer Aniston’s eternally youthful looks who has skincare routine down to a science.

French-born Mila has been a skincare coach and celebrity esthetician for over 30 years. She focused on educating people on the preventative benefits of skincare through a simple regimen of products, enhanced blood circulation, and the importance of consuming a nutrient-rich diet.

When it comes to switching up your routine, she says, “Your skin is your largest organ. Why treat just a corner of it?” Most of us know that we should be drinking two to three liters of water a day, opt for tea over coffee, skip the alcohol, avoid tanning booths, and wear sunscreen daily. But that’s only the beginning, and Mila is here to help with her six commandments.

1) Never, ever, use a bar of soap on your face. Cleansing and toning are literally the cornerstones of beautiful skin. I prefer a foaming or milky cleanser, as they don’t over-strip the skin. They can hold more actives in them and the surfactants are easier for cleansing. Cleansing is most vital in the evening, after your skin has been exposed to pollutants, makeup, free radicals, and more.

2) Keep a bottle of hand cream in your purse or on your desk that has SPF, as our hands are exposed to just as much sun as our face, but they’re often not protected. Our hands also experience a lot of skin wear and tear every day, so they can be a telltale sign of premature aging if they’re not hydrated and protected–especially in L.A., where we’re exposed to potentially harmful rays while in cars.

3) Never shower or wash your face in super hot water. It dries out the skin! If you are craving hot water, opt for a steam at a spa, as this will have additional nourishing skin benefits to open pores and detox.

4) Ditch the makeup remover wipes and reach for the cream cleanser because wipes are better for when you are in a pinch (or at the gym). They don’t cleanse deeply enough, and you to properly cleanse and tone your skin to prep it for serums and creams.

5) Don’t shave your legs as often! In the winter you may be able to go a bit longer between shaves. Just be sure to dry brush and hydrate the skin more, as the skin on the body can dry out rapidly.

6) Always wash your face after a workout because the sweat left on top of the skin can clog pores and dry out the skin. Be sure to use at least a toner to remove the sweat post-workout, as it will be sure to grab excess debris laying on top of the skin and will even balance the overall pH level.

Mila adds that good skincare doesn’t stop at the face–it’s important to detox and treat your body while you’re treating your face. Many of her celebrity clients (such as Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Courtney Cox) have even started with a face and body Boot Camp series to detox.

If you can’t regularly visit Mila’s eponymous spa on the Sunset Strip, start with a multifunctional body treatment like her Revitalizing & Beautifying Body Oil. It’ll improve tone, elasticity, spotting and wrinkles and you’ll get a trifecta of skin-enriching actions out of daily use. Add it to a bath to smooth the skin, mix a few drops into your favorite body lotion for added nourishment, or massage it into the skin after dry brushing to help keep cellulite at bay.

If this is Jennifer’s secret, I am so kickstarting my dry skin reboot today.