Spooky, Sexy Accessories You Can Wear Before and After Halloween

We’ve picked a casket of accessories for you to carry and wear on the 31st

Halloween-time is the most wonderful time of the year because, for a few sugar-soaked weeks, we allow everything that scares us to enchant us. The terrifying becomes pleasing, and we welcome the eerie.

In honor of the most special season, we’ve picked a casket of accessories for you to carry and wear on the 31st. Don’t be tricked—these aren’t costumes, and you can continue to wear them long after the 31st has collapsed into a pile of bones (until next year’s revival).

Most of the bags are large enough to accommodate a staff and a bundle of garlic (or a ton of candy), the shoes will help you to run away from zombies, should the need to do so arise, and the jewels are luminous enough to be spotted from even the darkest of graveyards. If you can’t bear a scare, a few of the picks cater to the cute, funny side of Halloween.

Just remember to accessorize your accessories with the classics: wax vampire lips, candy corn fangs, fake blood, and a crisp, white sheet.

Happy Halloween!