Six Exclusive Must-Buys from Erewhon Including Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pick

L.A.’s beloved store is opening in Venice soon, and the beauty shelves will be well stocked

When it opened in the ’60s, Erewhon was the old-school health food store of dreams. With its unsparing bulk bins and aisles of varied seaweeds, it was a reason to move to California, the golden land. It’s still around, and (thankfully) as superior as ever, but now the store has polished shelves, never-ending sashimi samples, and plans to expand across the L.A. area. In honor of a soon-to-be-open Venice store, we asked the glow-y staff that dart around in the beauty aisles to recommend their favorite exclusive-to-Erewhon and made-in-L.A. products. Here’s what we gleaned from the conversation.

There’s a school of thought that teaches that if you can’t eat something, you shouldn’t put it on your face. All of Beverly Hills-based Prada Labs‘ products are edible. There’s a cocoa facial mask, which has ingredients akin to high-quality hot cocoa powder, and a Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser that, like in a science class, can only be mixed together via a small magnet that’s affixed to the bottle. Fun!

The French label Pursoma makes an organic, wild-harvested, medicinal body care line. The Earthbound Body Mask is a detoxing, rejuvenating clay overlay that pulls out toxins and heals dry, damaged, and blemished skin. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a clay mask for your entire body.

Veriditas Botanicals Essential Oils are organically farmed in France, and pressed into tiny brown bottles. The entire line of 3 percent food grade pure essential oils can be used for aromatherapeutic, topical, and internal purposes. Essential oils are widely available, but Veriditas oils are especially exquisite—and hard to come by outside of Erewhon’s walls.

Each gem of a product that makes up the Gemstone Organics line of facial creams and hydrosols contains chips of actual jewels. Crystals are recognized for their healing properties, and the local chemist behind the line makes use of the high-vibrational healing trifecta (“Plants + Waters + Minerals”) to perfect the skin.

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by Metagenics Clear Change Detoxification Program. Erewhon’s experts say that most cleanse-in-a-box systems are, unsurprisingly, garbage. This one, they (and Paltrow) insist, is the real deal. It’s effective because the 10-day liver detoxification program activates all three phases of metabolic and heavy metal liver detoxification, using a fat-soluble to water-soluble toxin excretion system.

For beauty lovers, very little beats a visit to Erewhon’s Tonic Bar. For the purposes of this article, the tonic wizards recommend the ‘Life Force Shot’ and ‘Germ Warfare Shot’, which contain ingredients (like ginger, lemon, and tumeric) that are beautifying, cleansing, and not bad tasting. Each organic, raw cold-pressed tonic shot is made from locally sourced and unpasteurized ingredients and made in-house daily. You can also make your own at the bar, which is always a loud, blender-filled scene, or order them online.

You can buy each of these products at Erewhon on Beverly Boulevard and in Calabasas. And, in about six weeks, in Venice, too!