Seriously Great Body Serums

Why you should switch to an anti-aging body serum for summer

My name is Nav and I’m pretty much obsessed with anything that promises to be an anti-aging holy grail. I’ll also admit that to me, it seems like a full-fledged cardinal sin to simply focus on the face. Lately, I’ve found myself noticing crepiness sneaking up on my hands and feet, and occasionally I peek at my arms to check to see if any age spots have popped up.

I’ve lubed up from head to toe with the best lotions and oils from the beauty shelves, but a recent crop of body serums are commanding my attention–and that’s because the newest crop of treatments differ from your typical body lotions or butters. Geraldine Howard (founder of Aromatherapy Associates) says, “Body serums are a lot thinner in consistency to get the ingredients deeper into the skin (most other body formulas just create a barrier over the surface). But the light finish makes them perfect to use alone during the warmer months.”

Moisturizer companies are taking cues from active serums products–they’re noticing that skin doesn’t stop at your neck and neither should your anti-aging regimen. Going beyond your hydrating lotions, these four supercharged serums boast skin-plumping ingredients that seep into your skin look to help it look less wrinkled, while giving your bikini-clad body some anti-aging attention.  Here are my favorite finds:

Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum ($64)


If you’re prone to dark spots around the elbows and knees, a few quick applications of this treatment will help fade them–thanks to the hefty dose of pro-retinol. Water Lily extracts help moisturize without leaving the skin tacky or sticky. The spicy floral scent is decadent, but it won’t last as long as you’ll want it to.

Kahina Essaouira Body Serum ($32)


Scented with pure steam-distilled essential oils like rose, lavender and petitgrain, this 100% natural serum uses vitamin-rich watermelon seed and argan oils to give skin that velvety feel. I found that it works best when you use it after the shower, when your skin is slightly damp. And, the scent is strong enough to use on the pulse points throughout the day.

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Body Serum ($39)


This is definitely my favorite way to apply a serum, as the spray bottle makes me less nervous when using it in a steamy shower. What’s unique to OLO is Antileukine 6, an antioxidant that fights free radicals and tightens skin. The serum feels way lighter than an oil and has a dainty scent that never becomes cloying.

Aromatherapy Associates + Roland Mouret Final Finish Serum ($64)


Created as a limited edition joint venture with the fashion designer, this vanilla-tinged treatment is ideal for the legs and arms if you like the slightest hint of shimmer. The flower oil-based treatment does deliver a light flurry of moisture but acts more like an illuminator thanks to the light reflecting particles, which makes it particularly well-suited to tanned and darker skins.