We See Black and Blue Dresses That are Better Than #TheDress


A simple question melted the Internet yesterday: Is the dress in the image above—originally shared on Tumblr by Scottish musician Caitlin McNeill—white and gold or blue and black? The image went viral once BuzzFeed got ahold of it (their post has racked up a record-breaking 21 million views and counting), mostly because no one can agree on what color it is. Just like that, battle lines were drawn. Everyone from Taylor Swift

to B.J. Novak 

to Kimye (a house divided!) weighed in, and we were no closer to an answer.

Then, some clarity: According to science, we see certain colors depending on the way our eyes perceive light, which is why it looks white to some and blue to others.

The actual dress is supposedly blue and black (those of us in the #whiteandgold camp aren’t convinced), but regardless of color, the £50.00 Roman Originals bodycon frock isn’t the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. We found four better-looking options (plus a clutch to match) made by L.A. designers to keep your closet on point and your tweets on trend.


Reformation’s “Jillian Dress”
A peacock blue crepe maxi with black daisy lace straps and trim
Photograph courtesy thereformation.com



Victoria Beckham knit combo mini
A dress made of a black lurex knit top and a sky colored lamé skirt.
Photograph courtesy victoriabeckham.com


Victoria Beckham printed button up combo dress
A blue tulip print silk top pairs artfully with a black mini.
Photograph courtesy victoriabeckham.com



NastyGal’s Keepsake Come a Little Closer Sequin Dress
A high-collared shift in black taffeta with floral sequins is both serious and sparkly.
Photograph courtesy nastygal.com



Clare V. Foldover Clutch
In a dark jaguar print, this bag is going places.
Photograph courtesy clarev.com