Scandal at The Limited

With help from Kerry Washington, the retailer will bring the drama this fall

The Limited today announced plans to launch a collection this fall inspired by the ABC series Scandal and designed by The Limited’s Elliot Staples in partnership with Kerry Washington and Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo.

One of two design sketches released by the brand is of a well-draped cutaway coat with an oversized collar and three quarter-length sleeve, perfect for obscuring your mouth while showing off the most glamorous of fingerprint-proof gloves. Why do we love it? Because every woman needs something chic to wear to politically charged rendezvous in public places that may or may not be secretly photographed from afar, and this is it.

Here are three more looks from Scandal we hope inspire the collection:


Olivia Pope wore this gown to a presidential event and killed it like a bill in Congress.



Creamy cashmere is calming when your father kidnaps the terrorist mother you thought was dead.



When tailored this sharply, whites are always right—even if you’ve done something very wrong.

Inset photographs courtesy ABC