Get Rough Around the Edges

Unfinished seams are the perfect finish

Raw seams are the perfect finish.

The uneven, messy strings that line the legs of a pair of cut-offs are emblematic of the lazy-but-calculated charm of summer. The frayed edge–especially on denim–is by no means a new trend, but it never seems to grow stale. Undone stitching adds a commanding textural element to even the simplest of summer outfits. Unlike with fringed seams, frayed edges aren’t overwhelming and are rarely costume-y.

A rough-edged collar provides contrast against bare skin that acts as an accessory, so forgo piling on necklaces with frayed-necked T-shirts and jackets. You can take scissors to an old favorite pair of jeans, snip-and-tear the neck of a top, or shop our frayed-hem picks below: