My very first concert was the Beastie Boys at the Mid-Hudson Valley Civic Center in NY. The first album I bought on my own with babysitting money was License to Ill. I know all the words to every song on that record. My friends and I were obsessed with those boys from Brooklyn, and—as tween girls probably still do— we divided up the band members, claiming them as our imaginary boyfriends. Adam Yauch was mine. I liked him because he was kinda the bad boy, he had a raspy voice like me, so when my friends and I would rap the songs, I would do MCA’s parts.

And they just got better and better over the years… they learned how to play their own instruments, became spiritual, and fought for more than their right to party. Their style evolved too, sideways trucker hats gave way to fedoras and track suits were traded in for proper suits, with ties. They grew up to be pretty classy.

I’ve always been proud to say my first concert was to see them, and I never regretted choosing Adam Yauch as my imaginary boyfriend.  I am heartbroken today.

godspeed MCA! 


ps. This is the last weekend to see Mike D’s curated show The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Curated by Mike D, this multi-disciplinary festival will be the meeting point for the Los Angeles art and music community. The sequel to the series of festivals that premiered in Berlin last year with curator and fashion designer Raf Simons, the 17-day collaborative festival includes work by Roy Choi, Benjamin Jones, Mike Mills, Tom Sachs, Public Fiction, and additional artists and musicians.