Retrouvé’s New Skin Care Line is Gooky—and Great

High expectations are built into its price

Retrouvé is just over a year old, but the upscale bespoke skincare line has already gained a cult following around town. Recently launched at Ron Robinson, Retrouvé was founded by Jami Morse Heidegger—a third-generation heiress to Kiehl’s—who put to use her 30 years of experience with chemistry gleaned from toying with high-grade ingredients in the legendary Kiehl’s labs.

Jami credits her holistic nutrition and beauty lifestyle with inspiring her to find the latest high-tech ingredients for her line. Expensive or not, she likes things simple: Jami wanted the most exclusive and effective ingredients available on the market, in the highest possible levels of concentration, regardless of the cost. “At that time, it was for my 40-plus skin,” she says, “and my desire was to have the strongest, most beneficial anti-aging ingredients.”

“Gookier” is how Jami describes the result: a four-product, unisex lineup that includes Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream ($455), Nutrient Face Serum ($460), Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer ($520), and Revitalizing Eye Concentrate ($485)—all heavy in texture but meant for daily use.

Curious what it would feel like to wear a $455 moisturizer to work, I wore the Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream for about a week. It’s devoid of dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens, silicones, petrolatums and mineral oils and glides like on a dream. The pale formula is light and grease-free, but feels rich on the skin. It won’t sit on top of your face like an old school granny cold cream, but rather melds into skin and gave my complexion a lovely, dewy glow. The airless pump keeps a cocktail of ingredients (white tea, pomegranates, and hydrolyzed algae) in an active state and revs up what is a fantastic moisturizer for transitioning skin from winter to spring.