Quickie Hair Color is the New Quickie Blow Out

dpHue in Studio City specializes in well-priced highlights—and that’s it

Salon quality highlights without salon shtuff (limited appointments, one-size-fits-all pricing, and the anxiety of needing to tip)—that’s the idea behind dpHue, the new no-fuss color bar and hair dye shop that opened this month on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. The concept behind the sheers-free store is simple: Walk in and one of the many colorists on hand will whip up a custom dye kit to meet your needs. Then, you can either sit back while they apply it (and show you how), take your color to go, or both. They don’t take appointments. Don’t keep the contents of your perfect blonde mix a mystery. Don’t do cuts. For those who choose to stick around, a number of service options are available at a la cart pricing, from face framing highlights for $40 to lightening tips, which starts at $20. Blowdrys cost an additional $25, but you’re welcome to use any available driers yourself for free.

Justin Anderson, dpHue’s creative director, says he signed on because he’s heard “countless times that women feel like their hair color has been okay, and then one morning they wake up and look in the mirror and say, Wow, I need my roots done today! Getting an appointment last minute is always a hassle. Being able to come in at free moment of their day is wonderful.” We’ll nod a foil-filled head of hair to that.

With reporting by Marah Alindogan