Questions We Have About Rick Owens’ Human Backpacks




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The Kelly bag. The Birkin. Women have long served as the inspiration for totable accessories, but designer Rick Owens has taken it to the next step by using an actual human as the must-have item. Some may have dismissed Owens’ strapping of a model to another model in Paris this week as a stunt, but when you think about it, having another human that you carry with you during your busy day makes perfect sense in our time-crunched society. An entire store of iPhone apps can’t accomplish what a fellow human can—particularly if they’re young and attractive and able to reach items on a shelf after you walk past them. Just a few questions before I order one for myself:

Does it only come in light beige?

Is there a baby version?

Is it vegan? Technically, it’s still a living human, so it’s eco-conscious.

OK to wash it in cold?

Will it age well?

Is it more day or night?