Pony Up to the Braid Bar


Bad hair days can strike without warning.  Sometimes, your hair just decides to ruin your day from the moment you wake up.  Other days even after a fresh wash and competent blow-dry job your hair still wants to wrestle.

Oh the hu-mane-ity! I usually throw in the towel and throw on a hat. But when a hat isn’t appropriate, my quick fix is to part my hair in the middle, braid it down each side and pin it up in Heidi Braids. This do works well for the dreaded growing out stage I go through everytime I cut bangs then swear I’ll never cut them again.

What’s more these braids hold up for a few days too, so they’re a great style for camping or when you’re traveling. I wore them for a few days at Burning Man but they are just as suitable for dressier occasions. We saw them all over the red carpet this past awards season.

At the Braid Bar in Nine Zero One, a new salon in West Hollywood,  clients can choose from over a half dozen different styles like the fishtail “Venice Hippie,” the coronet “Top of the World” and half up-half down “Halfway to LA.” for just $25 (shampoo and blow dry cost extra). 

If you want to try the look at home, check out this month’s March spring beauty feature in Los Angeles magazine (on newsstands now!). We show you how to create chic and easy crown braids in just 4 steps.

Image courtesy Valentino Spring Summer 2012 RTW, New York Fashion Week