Paul Weller Rocks John Varvatos


John Varvatos is a prince among rock stars. He’s a seriously nice guy. To celebrate his L.A. boutique’s 10 year anniversary, he didn’t put on a runway show or invite people to a thinly-veiled promotional party to try and sell more clothes, he cleared out his shop and threw a concert— treating invitees to a private and intimate performance by Paul Weller.

The Robertson store was packed last night, wall-to-wall, with stylish rocker dudes (lots of chunky silver jewelry, scarves, and Varvatos designed garb). We arrived in time to give Eric Balfour the once over on the red carpet, grab a Patron margarita, and catch the show. Paul Weller sounded so good, he had the entire crowd moving and sweating. I thought he’d play a couple of songs and call it a night, but the man played an entire set. And there were no more than 100 people in there. 

And one of those people was a tall, lanky, and handsome Jakob Dylan. Fellow former Style Council blogger Steffie Nelson was my plus one, and we swooned along with a handful of other chicks when we saw him. Nobody wears moody, sleepless, dark under eye circles like Jakob Dylan. After the show, Varvatos invited a bunch of us to dinner at Cecconi’s—including Jakob (who looked like he was chaperoning his son, who we hear is dating Paul Weller’s daughter). Over dinner we tried to get bi-coastal Varvatos to move to L.A. permanently, and covertly stole glimpses of Dylan.