Patch Up Your Relationship with Denim


Denim, revered for its wearability, playfulness, sturdiness, and timelessness, looks at home in L.A., and several designers took the time to rework their relationships with the fabric this season.

Patchwork denim is a little bit scarecrow, a little bit ’90s, and a little bit Britney and Justin, circa 2011. The look can be traced to the 19th century Japanese technique called Boro, which translates to “rags or scraps of cloth.” Patches of indigo-died cotton were sewn together in an often pattern-free arrangement. The finished pieces were durable, soulful, and gorgeous. Boro pieces would be mended and repaired as necessary, and were passed down as heirlooms.

We love the look because it exaggerates the coolness and devil-may-care-ness of denim.

Below are a few pieces to send you on your way.