Party People Watching: Red, White, and Bluesy


We were invited to celebrate the 4th of July at designer Ripley Rader’s place near Beachwood Canyon. On the roof of her very vertical fortress, All-American BBQ fare sizzled on the grill, ironic and non-ironic beer chilled in the cooler— and from there we had an unobstructed view of the firework display above the Hollywood Bowl. Guests wandered up and down the landings.  We couldn’t resist taking some pictures in the “confetti corner” of her living room, filled year round with fresh bits of colored paper, Mylar heart-shaped balloons, and metallic fringe curtains. Her sparkly jumpsuit samples on a nearby rack also got a lot of attention from partygoers. Ripley wore one of her newest designs‚ a white dress with blue stars and red stripes that she made the night before.

I admit, I had been stumped on what to wear to her party? She’s a fashion designer, the kind who can, and does, make a lot of her own clothes.  I debated wearing one of her jumpsuits, but neither the black one nor the Kelly green one I own seemed very patriotic. Instead, I improvised. I tied a vintage red, white, and blue silk scarf around me like a tube top and paired it with wide-leg navy blue trousers from Anthropologie, and threw on my new spectacles from Made Eyewear. I guess it was a good call, as most of the crowd turned out in the colors of Old Glory. We were a proud bunch of Americans, even if no one could remember all the words to the Star-Spangled Banner.