A.P.C. Douche Bags

Yes, you heard that right, douche bags—for men

I thought it was a hoax. I thought someone had hacked some poor publicist’s email account and blasted out a message with the subject line: “A.P.C. Douche Bags.” Was it an email from a disgruntled employee? Was Kanye behind this? Yeezy recently collaborated with A.P.C. on a capsule collection; had things gone sour? No. Rest assured, the classy Parisian brand, known for its modern spins on urban classics, hasn’t gone into the feminine hygiene business. It’s latest product is a joke, sort of, by A.P.C. founder and CEO Jean Touitou. He will soon launch a line of super soft lamb leather drawstring pouches which he wanted to call “mise en abyme,” but it proved too difficult to translate this French expression, so the all-purpose pouches became “Douche” bags. “It made me laugh so hard when I found out people really thought we were launching a brand of bags named “Douche, Paris,” says Touitou. “Whenever I am depressed, this [thought has the same effect as] three Xanax to me.” A.P.C. “Douche” bags, $135, will available at all A.P.C. stores beginning next week including the A.P.C. store at 8420 Melrose Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90069, 323-508-4700